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Who is Berean Branches?

Berean Branches is a Christian ministry focused on discovering the truth about the roots of Christianity based on Holy Scripture and other historical documents. Our goal is to inform. Our objective is for you to know YHWH(GOD) enough to surrender your life to Him. We believe that to know Him is to love Him.  

Who is Berean Branches for?

Berean Branches is for EVERYONE who loves YHWH(GOD) and wants to know Him better; or ANYONE who simply wants to know more about YHWH(GOD). 

What is Berean Branches about?

Berean Branches is all about sharing resources with you so you can study and consequently lead you into a deeper relationship with YHWH(GOD). 

What will Berean Branches do?

Berean Branches will share resources in the form of articles, books, videos, etc.; providing information that is not main-stream. In other words, information that is not immediately available or popular.

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